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  • 2001, 2002 Dodge RAM 3500 Disc Brake Rear Hub Part Number AUP23


    $900.00 (includes shipping)


    2001 Dodge Disc Brake Rear Hub Part Number AUP23


    2002 Dodge Disc Brake Rear Hub Part Number AUP23







    Our Disc Brake rear hub DRW (dual rear wheel) is specifically designed for the Dodge 3500 model from 2001-2002. It’s fitted with brand-new bearing caps and wheel studs for optimal performance. Please note that this hub is exclusively made for trucks with disc brakes and is only suitable for these two years. As a company, we take pride in manufacturing these hubs in the USA and ensure that they meet or surpass the factory’s quality standards.



    Dodge RAM 3500 Disc Brake Rear Hub for 2001-2002

    What are some of the reasons why my axle hub could fail?

    1. Wear and Tear: Over time, the constant use and load-bearing can cause the axle hub to wear out and eventually fail.

    2. Lack of Lubrication: Proper lubrication is critical to keep the moving parts of the axle hub functioning smoothly. If the lubrication deteriorates or is inadequate, the axle hub can fail.

    3. Rust and Corrosion: Exposure to harmful elements such as salt and moisture can cause rust and corrosion, which can damage the axle hub and compromise its structural integrity.

    4. Overloading: Loading a vehicle beyond its specified limit can strain the axle hub, leading to cracks and eventual failure.

    5. Impact Damage: An impact or sudden jolt to the axle hub can cause damage or misalignment, leading to failure.

    6. Poor Manufacturing: Defects or weaknesses in the manufacturing process can cause the axle hub to fail prematurely.

    7. Improper Installation: If the axle hub is not installed correctly or tightened to the appropriate specifications, it can cause premature failure.

    What if my axle only has a small leak?

    Just a minor leak can gradually lower the fluid level and cause harm. It’s important to periodically inspect the inner tire for any evidence of oil residue, as this may indicate a seal failure. Before replacing the damaged seal, check the vent tube assembly. A congested vent tube can increase pressure while driving and push the fluid past the seal. The positive aspect is that clearing the vent usually resolves the seal leak issue.

    Dodge Ram Truck Blue

    Can I convert my single wheel to a dual wheel with these hubs?

    Unfortunately, that will not work. When the housings were originally built, the area
    where the hub rides, called the spindle, is shorter on a single wheel. Therefore, a dual wheel hub will not fit.


    $900.00 (includes shipping)


    2001 Dodge Disc Brake Rear Hub Part Number AUP23


    2002 Dodge Disc Brake Rear Hub Part Number AUP23